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Notes for the installer:

All Insignia showers are deemed to be DIY installs however we have listed some common questions below which we believe can assist the installer.

How Much Room Do I Need To Assemble The Shower?

We strongly recommend you leave around 400mm each side of the shower for maintenance and servicing.

Where do I locate the water supply?

A general rule of thumb for all quadrant showers is that the water can be located in the corner of the room where the shower is going and run the pipes up around 600-800mm high. For shower baths or rectangular shower units the water supply is located half way across the back, therefore if the shower is 1700mm the water inlets will be approximately 850mm in from the wall. You do not have to be exact as the flexible water connection pipes will need to be attached and they are approximately 1 meter long.

What water pressure do I require?

All the steam and hydro-massage cabins require around 2.5 bar of pressure to be equally balanced to get the best out of your shower. We further recommend you fit a water softner to preserve the life of the componants.

Where is the waste located?

These depend on the model, therefore please check the schematics of the shower you purchased on the support link.

Electrical Connections

In all cases the steam showers the shower is fitted with a 13amp RCD plug for the steam unit/electrics and a separate RCD for the whirlpool baths. You MUST ensure the electrics conform to the current regulations and are properly mounted in the correct zone of the bathroom. In all cases a qualified electrician MUST carry out the installation and provide you with a part P certificate upon completion, furthermore you will need this to complete your warranty registration. For showers with a 12V adapter a part P certificate is not required to complete your registration.

How many boxes does the shower arrive in?

Depending on the shower you can expect to receive between 4-5 boxes, and if a bath model is purchased this will arrive in a crate. All boxes are packed in sizeable packages for both courier and consumer mover ability. Please be careful in cutting open all boxes and handle with care.

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