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At Insignia we take brand protection very seriously as it combats the loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust that occurs when someone else exploits our brand. Simply setting up a website or pop up store and trading under the name "Insignia" (or phonetic versions of it) which could to the general public pay resemblance to Insignia is not something we tolerate.

Many people think they can set up a store overnight, trade with our name and of course our reputation all in an effort to gain immediate sales and fool the general public in to purchasing counterfeit goods which are not synonymous with the brand quality.  

If you see any evidence of this, or you believe you may/could be a victim of a copycat fraudster please email us at customerservices@insigniarange.co.uk and supply any evidence which supports your claim and we will look in to it with immediate effect. 

Currently we have been successful in shutting down operations in Sweden, California and 2 companies in France and we will not hesitate to do this to any company which also follows the same brand identity theft.

When we say we have spent millions over the years creating a brand, we really mean it! Ripping it off overnight is something we do not take lightly.

On a positive note, if you would like to do things "by the book" then please get in contact and speak to us about how you can work with our brand, including licensing and distribution agreements and you could not only benefit from being backed by Europe's largest brand, but you could be part of something much bigger than you ever imagined.

For more information on obtaining rights for our brand please contact marketing@insigniarange.co.uk   

The "Insignia" brand is synonymous with quality, value and service, hence we have to protect our already exisiting dealers and the general public from unauthorised use. 




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