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If you are looking for a replacement part(s) for your Insignia shower, we have an extreamly comprehensive back catalogue of parts to assist you in repairing or replacing a part required to get you back up and running. To get access to our full catalogue please click HERE

Not got an insignia shower?

Whilst our accessories/replacement parts are designed for Insignia showers, in many cases they can be retro-fitted to other brands on the market. Simply search through the catalogue at the link above and look for like for like parts. If you are unsure you can always call the landline number provided on the web-page.

I found the part I require, but I live ouside the UK

This is always a common question, and again our UK distributors can deal with most requests. It not uncommon for them to send parts to the USA, Australia, India, Canada, Europe, Russia and so on. Simply contact them and request a price for shipping.


If your shower is still in warranty, then simply click HERE and use the warranty service and request the part required. In all cases if you have located the spares product code (This can be found on the Insignia Outlet site) it will make the replacement process quicker and easier for you.

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