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How Insignia Changed the Industry

Technology is advancing at an alarmingly fast rate. Think about mobile phones for a moment. The computers and internet of 25 years ago don’t even come close to the physical capabilities of mobile phones today. A portable computer which fits in your pocket is more powerful than the highest spec computers of the early 90’s which is a frightening notion.

Think about the bulky and awkward TV’s of the early 90’s. A grainy picture, ludicrously heavy and approximately 24-28” as standard. Compare that to today where a 50” LCD HD Smart TV is relatively standard. Not just an upgrade in picture quality and size but also shape with it being flat screen and far lighter which makes moving them significantly easier.

During this time period the shower industry remained stagnant and many were content to continue with simple showering options, with the standard shower heads in a basic enclosure or overhanging a bath. Why do we demand more and more in certain areas of our life, but remain content with others that are seriously dated, tedious and mundane?

A gap in the market was there for everyone to see but no-one could see it. That was until Insignia came along. With technology improving in all walks of life, why was no-one tapping into a market that is universally used by most every single day? You know the industry I’m talking about but for those a little slow on the uptake, I am of course talking about the shower.

On average most people spend around 3 full days a year in the shower which is quite a long time. Why spend this amount of time in something substandard? Upgrade with the beautiful Insignia innovation and shower in luxury every single day, starting your day off in the best possible way.

The shower revolution began with baby steps, introducing a shower enclosure with multiple showering options. The overhead monsoon rain shower, the multi-functional hand shower and the iconic hydro-massage jets. Next came the steam functionality and the FM radio so you can enjoy music and relax in comfort. The internal lighting created a beautiful atmospheric glow and perfection was born. Was it time to stop there? Did Steve Jobs stop at the iPhone 3GS? We all know the answer as many of us have an iPhone 6 or 7 in our possession and half of you are probably reading this on it. The constant upgrades and innovations were the main factor in Insignia’s meteoric rise from bathroom industry newcomers to being a household name.

Now, you can expect a control panel which not only has an FM radio but also Bluetooth connectivity so you can enjoy Spotify or Apple Music from within your shower directly from your phone. The internal lighting has also been upgraded to Chromotherapy lighting which has seven different colours that can be fixed or scroll gently through to create a sensual relaxing experience.

Elsewhere on the shower, we have streamlined and upgraded features to make everything look slicker and be aesthetically pleasing. The most notable being the ‘Tri-Jet Steam System’ which replaced the regulation steam pod found on most steam cabins. The shower should be the centrepiece to your bathroom and that is what we strive for here at Insignia. From the smallest detail to the final design, everything is meticulously created with aesthetics in mind.

The aromatherapy and steam shower industry go hand in hand and as trendsetters, we simply had to get involved. Here at Insignia, we created our own range of essential oils so you could enjoy your steam shower even more than ever before. Of course, that’s not all we did, I mean come on, have you been reading this thoroughly? We change the game and change the industry every step we take. We don’t play by the rules, we make the rules!

The new Aromatherapy Modular Injection system allows you to infuse your steam with essential oils, directly from inside the cabin which is the first of its kind amongst the steam community. Ease of use and convenience is what fuelled this concept and we’re proud to announce it comes, as standard on ALL Insignia Steam Showers. Oh, did I forget to mention it can also be retro-fitted to non Insignia steam showers? Even helping the competition, such is our generosity. You’re Welcome!

When it comes to customisation the game was really changed as recently as January 2017. Insignia Showers are now available in a choice of carbon colours which gives you, the customer, complete control over the colour option when deciding on your shower purchase. We keep moving forward on our quest for innovation and we show no signs of slowing down. What’s next I hear you ask? You’ll simply have to stay tuned and find out.

Customer Services

When it comes to customer services, everyone has a different idea of what is deemed the best method of service but we think we’ve cracked it. We’ve all been there, trying to register a complaint, or even make a payment for something and spend 40 minutes on hold, listening to the abhorrent cheap hold music the company has sourced and it makes you think, “I’m trying to give them money and it is proving to be very difficult, so how hard will it be getting my problem sorted if and when I have an issue.”

With this in mind we have a dedicated customer service team who deal with customer issues via our online claim form. Simply fill in the warranty claim form which takes around two minutes and simply wait for a response. Open 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday-Friday our team aim to respond to all claims within two working hours and in 90% of cases it is much quicker. Don’t sit on the phone on hold and waste your day, just wait for a response via email and have the problem rectified quickly and efficiently. Having a clear back and forth in writing is perfect for customers, as with the written word it avoids miscommunication and allows the claim to be picked up by other staff members and be 100% clear on the situation, leading to prompt resolutions to all customer issues. Furthermore, often an image is required for clarity of the problem, which can also aid the customer if they are unsure of the specific component name and this feature is implemented on the online claim form.

Our dedicated customer service team is located at Insignia HQ in France, with a multi-lingual team they can answer your question and deal with your query in your mother tongue.

Network distribution

When it comes to purchasing a large item such as this, a waiting time is usually expected. When buying a new sofa you’re usually looking at around a 12 week wait. If you’ve been reading from the top of this page then you’ll know by now we don’t conform to rules set by others, we play by our own rules to give the customer the best product and service available. A standard delivery takes 7-10 working days from our main UK distribution centre, based in Milton Keynes. An express delivery can be requested with your retailer and it will be with you in approximately 3 working days. Strict quality control is undertaken by the warehouse and security cameras record everything being checked and when they leave the warehouse, via our own network of vans or via third party pallet company.

Spare Parts backup

Shower spares is an incredibly important topic, especially if you are in need of parts. There are many shower companies out there who simply do not have the spares backup to rectify any issue should one arise. This is where we differ, because Insignia boasts the largest shower spares collection in the entirety of Europe. Should anything go wrong on your shower, we do not run away from our responsibilities to you as our valued customer. Should you have registered your shower since April 2013 then you will have a 5 year parts warranty for this so will receive parts free of charge. Should you be outside warranty for any reason, spare parts are maintained in stock just in case.

We receive phone calls from customers who not only have purchased a different brand of shower seeking spare parts, but the rival company even recommend us to their customer and go as far as sourcing the contact details for them. In the majority of cases we unfortunately can not help as our spare parts are specifically designed for our showers. There are a few rare cases where we can save the day and get a spare part that fits a non Insignia shower.

It's difficult sometimes, as initially when you purchase an item you don’t think about spare parts and what happens when something goes wrong. One of the main things that will sway you towards a product is quality and price. An Insignia shower is of the utmost quality with rigorous quality checking both in the Insignia factory in China and in the UK depot before delivery. Naturally we live in a realistic world and not an ideal one, so we know from time to time an item can fail and need replacing. This is why we offer the 5 year parts warranty, because we are confident things will not go wrong but should the unusual occur, then we have the parts backup to rectify the problem very easily.

The China connection

Here at Insignia we are all about ensuring a high quality product. This is why we have a dedicated production factory in China, ran by members of our team. We build every component in our own factory to ensure the highest quality possible. Everything goes through rigorous QC in the factory in China as well as when it arrives in the UK distribution centre.

We work tirelessly to ensure what we design in the UK, is implemented to the letter in China. Insignia operatives from the UK and China link up via video conference to make sure everyone is on the same page. During this process, any issues are raised and solutions are thought of before manufacturing even begins. The power of social networking has enabled this process of liaising internationally much simpler, with pictures, videos and messages sent instantly, every detail can be double checked. As the old saying goes, “Measure twice, cut once!”



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