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Here at Insignia, we continue to innovate our product in order to give you the very best. We never sit back and admire our hard work, but instead, we strive to shake up the industry and set the standard in shower trends, quality and design. From the innovative Aromatherapy Modular Injection system to our aesthetic upgrade with the Tri-Jet Steam System we have revolutionised the industry. ALL steam showers now come with Bluetooth compatible control panels which takes the showers to the next level. With the addition of Chromotherapy lighting, Insignia Showers have taken the step from to becoming a bathroom appliance. As we always say, it’s not just a shower… It’s an experience! With the aforementioned upgrades all coming within an 18-month timeframe, one might expect Insignia to sit back, relax and take our foot off the gas but that’s just not the Insignia way. In keeping with our tradition, we keep our feet firmly on the accelerator and yet again leaving the competition in our wake. With that in mind, let me introduce you to our brand new designer carbon range. With customisation in mind, we’ve introduced our new Carbon Walling for our cabins, with 9 carbon colours and two matte colours to choose from. Midnight matte black and snow drift matte white are the base colours offered and our carbon can be ordered in any of the following: Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Silver, Black, White, Pink, Green and Wine Red.

Often the interior décor of your bathroom can be the deciding factor when to purchasing a shower. Add now our fabulous luxury designer carbon fibre range available in no less than 10 bespoke varieties and colours! Often the interior décor of your bathroom can be a deciding factor when choosing your next shower and we believe offering a wide variety of colour options and all models will allow you to make a preferred choice based on shape and the features within. For the very first time in shower cabin history, you can now focus on your ideal shower design, in your colour option that matches your bathroom, personality or simply your mood. With our own dedicated “in-house” design team the aesthetically stunning carbon range can be yours WITH NO TIME DELAYS usually found Bespoke further? We take custom orders for customers. Two different colours inside the cabin? White one wall, black the other? The all-new Insignia Designer Carbon range and over 480 different possibilities to choose from, the choice is all yours!




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