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What goes into Insignia Products

Insignia Products are the UKs fastest growing shower cabin brand specialising in steam and hydro-massage shower cabins. In a very short time Insignia has come from concept to reality, taking the UK market by storm. Every day, more and more high street shops and Internet websites join our growing list of dealers, providing a better and better service.

So why should this be? What separates Insignia from the run of the mill? How has Insignia taken pole position off it’s now smaller rivals in such a short time?

Here are just some of the reasons.


We design, research, develop; build, all from the start of each product we sell. We know of no other company in our field who spends this much time or money in these vital areas. Every facet from start to finish is covered to bring our customers into contact with not only a great looking product but both stylish and practical to add that “wow” factor to any bathroom.

Customer Service

Based in France our Customer Service have set themselves what are normally impossible targets for others to achieve. What’s more this was THE FIRST of it’s kind in our market. Open 8.00am to 7.00pm Monday – Friday they are there to answer and correct any warranty claim a customer may have and in the fastest possible time. Currently our reply time is less than THREE HOURS not two days as we the consumer have come to expect. English people will deal with your claim start to finish. If you are French then a French person will deal with your claim. Everything is in writing for our customers via e-mail. No telephone calls are ever made because with Insignia you will ALWAYS get the written word, making records easy to keep and no mistakes or misunderstanding should occur.

Network distribution

Thanks to our UK distribution, centrally based in Milton Keynes, all products get processed as fast or if not faster than anyone else in the industry. Latest databases record all details, security cameras record all items leaving the warehouse, telephone calls recorded, all are there to minimise errors. In addition five languages are spoken.

Parts back up

Vital to our industry and yet many customers never think about this before purchase! What happens should you need a spare part either under warranty or years later? The answer is simple, in the past hardly any inroads were made into this area, so, wheels on doors fail, you could not get replacements. What are you the customer supposed to do, throw it away? YES is the simple answer as we here know! Every day people contact us in the search of parts for unbranded showers (and many branded!) because they cannot get them anywhere else. We cannot help in many cases so they now have a shower that is unrepairable and all for something small. Had it been Insignia their problem would be solved. Our distributors hold the UKs largest stock of replaceable parts for steam cabins and if not in stock they can always get it.

The China connection

As we mentioned nobody, and we do mean nobody, involves as much time and resources as Insignia in getting a product right. We are proud of this and is one major factor that separates us from previously larger rivals who are now losing market to Insignia. Just words? No! Check out our impressive record, liaisons, investment and involvement with our Chinese factory partners.

Shower Production

Appalled by the almost slavish devotion some of our competitors displayed towards the use of just one shower production company, Insignia thought it time to move on. In many cases factories churned out the same products as they have for many years. They also completed this by the use of the same outdated methods and even worse, the same poor quality. Shower electronics were known in our industry to be susceptible to failure on earlier type showers yet still we saw so many showers being offered for sale in Europe still built to these standards in 2011! How were you the customer to know this? You wasn’t, but we at Insignia felt it was time to close the chapter on one company devotion to the past, outdated production and poor standards.

To start, we took all electronics and with the aid of technical advisors, redesigned some to our requirements from start to finish. Our finished product is now considered probably the most stable and reliable found on steam shower cabins today.

Hands on checking steam shower technology Hands on checking steam shower technology Hands on checking steam shower technology Control panels are now all touch screen on our steam shower range, gone are the push button early type that many still sell. While touch screen invariably cost nearly twice as much to produce they are more reliable, more modern and part of the Insignia range for no upgrade charges incurred. Adding Bluetooth connectivity has made it’s way into the 2nd and 3rd generation of touch control panels, making an Insignia shower cabin the ultimate bathroom appliance. How do you know you have this on your new purchase? Simple! If it does not say INSIGNIA on the front, it is not INSIGNIA!

Following up on build methods we completely took the concept and changed it around, conscious that the prerequisite of any shower cabin is, it will not leak. We redesigned of sealing methods panel by panel. Early shower cabins had no seals and relied totally on silicone at install. Most unbranded showers still do! More modern concept demanded seals placed between panels which was better but not perfect, many competitors still use these. We have now redesigned the seals to a higher level. Silicone sealing is still advised but now only as a precaution to allow more tolerance of build. Not because it is a necessity anymore! Add this to click clack type aluminium upright supports on many models and you have the nearest thing a steam cabin can ever have to ease of build and water tightness. Our attention was now turned to shower tray structure. Why not reinforce the tray itself to a higher level than most of our competitors? If it can be done do it! We did! shower tray structure So with our new designs and ideas in place, it was time now to find a completely new factory to build not only to good standards but to our standards. Many companies use shower factories centred around Hangzhou in China, our thoughts were to relocate out of this area into somewhere offering more modern premises. More modern techniques and open minds to a new concepts and standards. If we had stayed within the confines of old ideas and bad habits we thought existed there, how could we really control our products? Enter our new factory just south of Shanghai, ideally placed for port sailings and new fresh concepts! With collaboration and strong wills we think we have set ourselves far apart from usual products with boring designs, poor build quality and no effort on behalf of UK sellers to change things. Every day we work closely with our factories, we visit on a regular basis and even have the undivided attention of an employed dedicated works manager just for INSIGNIA products. Finishing touches to an experimental model Finishing touches to an experimental model. Finishing touches to an experimental model Our chairman on latest visit to factory accompanied by Our new factory boss (left) and our Chinese partner (right)
Thank you for taking your time in reading this.

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