Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more in-depth self help and diagnostics please alternatively read the following here: 'HOW DO I FIX MY INSIGNIA SHOWER OR BATH?'


How long will my item take to deliver?
Please refer to the item description in all cases. Whilst we state anywhere from 1-4 weeks on 90% off all occasions we do fall well within this time frame.
Why should I buy from Insignia
We have been trading successfully for over 10 years and have continued to grow from strength to strength. Unlike nearly all other sellers we design, import and manufacture our own products and this really does mean we have investment in the tree which is cut down to make your next vanity unit! In many cases we supply other sellers with our products. We prove our position in the market place by putting a lot of money into advertising which can only be done if your successful. No doubt you found us at the top of Google adwords? Therefore the facts speak for themselves!
What warranty do I get with my new product?
All guarantees are outlined in the product description
Can I collect?
Collection is available, but please contact us first. We operate various warehouses in various locations and as such can not guarantee where your item will be at any particular time.

Steam Showers

My plumber has not installed one of these units before
All our units come with a comprehensive manual which in most cases can be download from our website and have been written by us. We recommend that you use our recommended fitters on our page called "APPROVED FITTERS FOR YOUR AREA" as they have all be trained by us and have a comprehensive knowledge of how the items are assembled. The other benefit is they operate a fair pricing policy in strict guidelines we set to protect the customers from "cowboy fitters".
Are the showers stand alone?
They are stand alone, so they do not need to attached to the wall
Who can plumb the shower/bath in?
All plumbing must be carried out by a professional plumber and electrician where applicable.
How long does it take to build the shower?
They take approximately 3 hours with 2 people building them. Check our star rating for an idea of the build time.
How does the steam unit connect up?
The steam unit does require a permanent water supply to it. You can take a spur from the cold water supply to it. The drain on the steam unit also needs to be permanently plumbed in to the main drain to allow condensation run off.
Do I need any other parts for the shower?
You will require hot and cold valves/flexible braided hoses x3 (This allows you to pull the shower out should you be required to) and various basic plumbing parts. We do however sell the 2 meter flexible braided hoses for ?19.99 each which is cheaper than any DIY shop if you can find them!
How does the drain connect up?
The drain on the shower needs to be connected by a standard 40mm waste pipe (plumber to supply) and this must be a crinkle pipe to also allow you to pull the shower out.
Where is it best to locate the steam unit?
You can locate the steam unit under the rear of the shower base for safety or in its own housing. In all cases your plumber/electrician can decide which is best. Please note that the steam unit must stand as indicated by the arrows on the outer casing. If this is not shown please contact us for advise. This unit must be assessable so you can pull the shower unit out should needs be.
Does the cabin require silicone?
Always use silicone where applicable. We think you can never have enough silicone to ensure a complete water tight unit.
Are the wires on the steam unit all labeled for ease of connection?
Each cable will be indicated as to where it connects up to. Most of the connections are push fit, but in some instances they require connections blocks which should be supplied.
How do the electrics connect up?
The Steam units require a 13 amp isolated fused spur. if the socket is located in the bathroom or a standard 13 amp house socket if you are running the flex out of the bathroom into another room. The Whirlpool Combi Units require 2 sockets as above. The sockets must have their own separate RCD to isolate the unit if required, but the flex cord supplied with the unit has an inline trip defence system integrated within it also. The power is converted within the unit to operate the lighting and radio etc to a safe 12 volts
How will my shower/bath be delivered?
The unit is delivered in 4/5 boxes (flat pack so as you can get it into your bathroom) depending on the model. All whirlpool baths come in a crate and are pre-plumbed ready to go. Don?t forget to have your crowbar at the ready!
They will work with a combination boiler?
They will work with a combination boiler providing you have the correct pressure. UK water regulations have to provide around 1.5 bar of pressure to your house.
Do we need a pump and who do you recommend?
All of the showers need to run off a minimum of 2.5 bar therefore we recommend you check with your plumber We recommend Salamander as our preferred choice for best results and reliability. But in all cases seek advice from a plumber, not us!
Will the shower tub support my weight?
All the shower tubs are reinforced with fiberglass and a sturdy metal frame housing around 6/8 adjustable legs.
I can only get cold water from my shower, even when I turn the temperature up to full?
It is imperative that the pressure between hot and cold feeds going to the thermostat on the unit are balanced, if they are not, it will cause the thermostat to malfunction, check that there are no kinks in any of the pipe work due to the way the unit is packaged, and if all of this is fine, Click the link below to try resetting the valve. If all else fails please click on our customer services tab to request a replacement part. Resetting the valve
My Divertor valve is labeled incorrectly, when I turn it to the diagram on the plate, it operates a different function?
This does crop up from time to time, but is easily resolved.The manufacturer has not set the dial on the front in the correct position (rain shower should be at 12:00) simply unscrew the front of the leaver off and loosen the nut behind. Now turn the dial to the correct position. You DO NOT need to move the pipes on the back of the unit. Please click the link below to illustrate this.
The grey clips which fit onto the top of the aluminum uprights are tight to fit?
If this is the case we recommend that you boil the kettle and fill up a bowl with boiling water. Place the parts in the bowl for around a couple of minutes. This will now enable you to manipulate the caps into position without breaking them.
The doors have a gap in them when closed
This is a common question! Normally this is caused if the base is not level. Check again and re-align accordingly. If this does not fix the problem use a rubber mallet and try tapping the door seals where they are out of line. Be careful not to use to much power......easy does it! If the problem permits contact us!
Do you need an duct to the exhaust fan in the steamroom?
No. After a steambath or shower the steam condenses down the drain.
I have a broken part, what do I do?
Please specific what part is broken through the installation manual or via pictures and fill out our claim form on the customer services page.

Whirlpool Baths

Are the baths pre-assembled?
The baths are pre-assembled and are delivered to you in a crate.
Are the baths freestanding?
The baths are designed to be pulled out from the wall (freestanding) should you require to access any components. Therefore we advise you connect the bath on long flexible hoses. Available to purchase from our shop.
How do the electrics connect up?
The Whirlpool Combi Units require 2 sockets. 2 x 13 amp isolated fused spur. if the socket is located in the bathroom or a standard 13 amp house socket if you are running the flex out of the bathroom into another room. The sockets must have their own separate RCD to isolate the unit if required, but the flex cord supplied with the unit has an inline trip defense system integrated within it also. The power is converted within the unit to operate the lighting and radio etc to a safe 12 volts
Does the bath have protective film on it?
The bath may have a protective film around the acrylic. PLEASE REMOVE THIS AFTER INSTALLATION! Don?t think the bath is scuffed upon delivery.
When can I operate the whirlpool pump?
NEVER operate the whirlpool pump when there is no water present.
The Whirlpool feature will not turn on/off
(Chrome push button model only) This is not a common problem but should it happen the chances are the small clear tube which connects to the back of the button has disconnected itself. To fix this problem simply pull the unit out and locate a clear pipe which looks like it's not attached to anything. Next reattach the pipe to the back of the chrome button you push to operate the whirlpool. We recommend you use a cable tie to secure the pipe into position to prevent this happening again. The reason this happens is the pump operates on pressure so when the button is pressed it forces air into the pump to start the motor. If the pipe detaches itself it will either not start the pump or keep it running continuously.


What material are the taps made from?
They are all made from brass and dipped in chrome to get the overall finish. This is how all good quality taps are produced.
Do all your taps have a ceramic disc
All our taps have these fitted.
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