Servicing your shower

Like all good things, look after your shower and it will look after you. It’s simple, it’s fast and couldn’t be easier.  Fail to do so though could mean repairs that were easily avoidable.


You will already know your shower is designed to be pulled away from it’s location. This is why!

1 week after install

Turn off electrical supply to the shower and isolate the water pressure at the isolating taps you fitted on install.

Check all hoses, connections, fixtures and fittings for any signs of weeping, loose clips or hoses. Check under the shower tray, did you fit the waste hose correctly? No sign of any leak at connections to it? Check your flexible hoses leading from the isolation taps to the shower water valve. No sign of any twisting of the hoses (significantly reduces life and high risk of bursting) If twisted replace immediately.

If steam generator installed always run for a few minutes per week to ensure free running and avoiding internal parts seizure through lack of use. Fold down seat if fitted, open and close fully at least once a week.

Push back into location (via tray, NEVER push the glass) then turn on water and electrics.

6 monthly Intervals.

Repeat procedure. Check internally for calcium build up at shower heads or body jets. Use a small pin to free any nozzles showing blockages. Check lights and full control panel operation.

Need any replacements through manufacturers failure? Go to warranty request and report. Please remember this doesn’t cover breakages such as shelves, limescale build up or paint bubbling through chemical cleaning.

After 24 months.

Replace shower to house isolating valve flexible hoses. These can be braided type or rubber (Washing Machine hoses). Either do not have an infinite life, Insignia recommend 2 years.  If you would like to replace shower heads, shower chrome hose, any clips or pipes to keep your shower operating and looking like new, please see

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Always turn off water supply at the isolating taps to your shower between showering. This prevents under pressure supply hoses bursting with potentially devastating results and increases their life greatly 

Simple checks can prevent expensive repairs!

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