Setting the standard...

It isn’t just the quality and vision that separate Insignia from the competition; it’s the innovation. Updating and upgrading existing shower models is what we do. We pride ourselves on being the most current, and forward thinking of steam shower designers, which is why we are Europe’s number 1 steam and hydro-massage shower supplier. Technology is moving at a staggering pace, with the evolution of the internet, mobile phones and wireless connectivity, and why should your shower be any different? With the latest models in the range, you have a control panel which has Bluetooth connectivity, enabling your mobile phone to be connected, and your own music playlist can be playing whilst you shower, or steam. Insignia are proud to offer 21st century design throughout the entire range.

You can also get your hands on a digital hand shower. This is a hand shower, built with dynamo technology and LED lighting embedded into the head. In the middle you also have a temperature sensor in the middle giving you an accurate reading of how hot or cold the water is.

Meet AMI, the Aromatherapy Modular Injection system, pioneered by Insignia. AMI is the ONLY injection based steam system amongst the steam shower market. Simple to use and simple to install, AMI is changing the way you introduce essential oils into your steam shower. Gone are the days of putting a few drops in the steam outlet, you now do it from within the cabin electronically. After adding the essence in to the specially designed dispenser, simply press an injection button to infuse your steam with luxurious fragrance, relaxing your body and your mind.

AMI is changing the way we infuse steam with essential oils, and revolutionising the steam shower market in the process. Allowing you to make the most out of your shower experience is something Insignia has been striving for, for years. This is just the latest in a long list of innovations Insignia have made in their quest to be the leaders, trendsetters and pioneers of steam shower technology.

The AMI kit comes as standard on a range of Insignia showers, and can also be retro-fitted to any non-Insignia steam showers.

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