GT5000L | GT5000 - Left Hand Version

800mm x 1200mm x 2180mm (W x L x H)
The GT5000 is the steam counterpart to the GT9002. This steam shower cabin comes in a variety of options, both left and right hand models, as well as black, white or mirrored back wall options. Furthermore, the GT5000 features a Bluetooth control panel. Allow 21st century technology into your shower cabin with Bluetooth connectivity. Connect your phone wirelessly to the cabin and enjoy your own music playlist, podcast or audiobook as you shower, or whilst you relax when steaming after a long hard day. This shower is packed with features and showering options, making it one of the most versatile showers we offer. Your overhead rain shower, which is built into the roof enclosure is surrounded by a ring light and light diffuser. This is to improve the lighting within the cabin, and the roof light works together with the column lights to create a tranquil atmospheric glow in the cabin. Your multi-function hand shower is located on the large back panel, in a shower holder, positioned for your convenience. As with the GT9002, the GT5000 also features 12 hydro-massage jets, with 6 being in the column and 3 being on each of the back panels. You get a wooden effect stool, to position wherever you wish, so you can sit back and relax, using the hydro-massage jets, or the steam functionality. Also as an optional extra you can purchase a synthetic wood floor to match the stool that is supplied. The steam is controlled via Insignia's 'M' touch control panel, and you can control the steam session length and steam temperature. Every shower comes readily equipped with the AMI system to enable you to engulf yourself in the wonders of aromatherapy. Also on the touch control panel, you can operate the lights, the Bluetooth, the FM radio, the panic alarm and the USB function. Yes, this shower not only has Bluetooth connectivity, but a USB function as well. The cabin is also equipped with a O3 anti-bacterial system designed to come on and sterilise the cabin after you steam.
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FREE GIFT: Insignia Luxury Pack: Includes - Insignia''s own specially crafted and formulated shower gel, sports towel and luxury waffle bath-robe
FREE GIFT: RubberGum - Waterproof fixing seal for horizontal joints on your shower cabin
Key Feature: Insignia''s patented AMI system delivering steam infused essence
Key Feature: Available in luxurious designer carbon
Key Feature: Insignia Renowned 1 minute fast start steam generator
Key Feature: Insignia UK based parts back up service
Key Feature: Insignia Full customer service support
Key Feature: Insignia Dedicated UK support help line
Key Feature: Insignia Comprehensive online build manual written by us.
USB Connection
Touch screen computer control
Thermostatic cartridge with Vernet wax element
Tempered glass surround
Synthetic wooden stool
Storage shelf with chrome rail
Speaker built into the roof enclosure
Safety alarm
Ozone system (03)
Overhead monsoon rain shower built into the roof enclosure
Multi-functional hand shower
Low cost, long life LED mood lighting
Internal mood lighting
Glass storage shelf
Easy glide doors with magnetic closer
Conveniently positioned fixed showerhead
Computer controlled LCD screen
Built in FM radio
Bottom drain
Bluetooth compatibility incorporated into the control panel
Acrylic base with steel frame and adjustable feet
5mm Tinted tempered glass
2.8KW Steam generator
12 Hydro-massage jets
Touch screen control panel
Inside height 205cm
Hot and cold connections
Can be connected to a combination boiler
Ready plumbed for immediate connection
Low pressure water supply may require a pump. Recommended 2.5 BAR pressure
Self assembly item
ISO9001 Approved
CE Certified
5 Year parts warranty on registration with Insignia
Available in left/right hand please select.
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