GT5000R | GT5000 - Right Hand Version

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800mm x 1200mm x 2180mm (W x L x H)
GT5000 is spacious yet compact creating a real juxtaposition within the cabin standing in at 1200mm x 800mm. Versatility is the key trait with this shower as we offer both left and right-hand versions, which will lend itself to many bathrooms shapes or styles. Inside the plethora of trademark features turn your shower into an all-round bathroom appliance. Enjoy the sparkle and twinkle of the roof and column LED lighting, illuminating the cabin for a gentle atmospheric glow. This cabin storms into the 21st century with an active Bluetooth touch screen control panel which is connected to twin speakers for a crystal-clear surround sound.

Sit in comfort on the synthetic wood stool in front of the column jets, to enjoy the invigorating hydro massage jets. The jets aren’t just located on the back panel, they are set within the side panels to make sure they hit the spot. Cocoon yourself within your very own heaven, using the wide angled monsoon rain shower from above, refreshing you from the outside and in.
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