LS20 | Heavy Duty Steam Generator Lighting System (20 Pack)

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Enhance your heavy-duty steam generator unit with the multi-coloured (Chromotherapy) lights. Set the mood and create a luxurious ambience in your very own steam room. There are 7 colours to choose from: White, Green, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple and Red. If you can’t choose you can let the colours scroll through whilst you relax, unwind and become engulfed in the beautifully calming steam.

*These lights are designed for Insignia 6kW, 9kW and 12kW units only.
Designed for Insignia 6kW, 9kW and 12kW
3-metre extension cable included
7 Colour LED Spectrum
All lights come with LED bezel and fixing nut
Each light has a 1 metre span of wire
Each light has two 500mm cables with connections on either end
Length of wire from control panel to first light is approx 4m (total length including the 3m extension)
Heavy Duty Steam Generators can support up to 100 LED Lights
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