INS8719 | INS8719

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900mm x 900mm x 2220mm (W x L x H)
The Insignia INS8719 satin grey shower cabin adds a modern touch to your bathroom while the dimensions lend themselves to many bathroom shapes and sizes. Enjoy the overhead monsoon rain shower with a domed head that envelopes you in water with great coverage. Alternatively, you can use the hand shower with riser rail for optimal height adjustment. Here at Insignia we design every shower with you in mind so relax and delight in the cluster of 6 omni-directional jets positioned in the centre column while relaxing on the comfortable fold down seat. Enjoy the LED mood lights and unwind by listening to your favourite radio station via the internal touch screen control panel – The INS8719 provides you a truly extraordinary experience every time.
FREE GIFT: RubberGum - Waterproof fixing seal for horizontal joints on your shower cabin
Key Feature: Insignia Comprehensive online build manual written by us.
Key Feature: Insignia Dedicated UK support help line
Key Feature: Insignia Full Customer Service Support
Key Feature: Insignia UK based parts back up service
Key Feature: Available in luxurious Designer Carbon
Key Feature: Insignia Computer Controlled active touch screen Control Panel.
5 Year Parts Warranty upon Registration
6 Body jets
Built in FM Radio
CE Certified
Feature chrome and glass shelf
Hand Shower with Riser Rail for Optimal Height Setting
Internal Mood Lighting
Low cost, Long Life LED mood lighting
Overhead Rain Shower built into the roof enclosure
Self assembly item
Low pressure water supply may require a pump. Recommended 2.5 bar pressure
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