Insignia Kids Dinosaur Shower Cabin

Insignia Kids Dinosaur Shower Cabin
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800mm x 800mm x 2150mm (W x L x H)
Available in 3 sizes: 800x800mm, 900x900mm and 1000x1000mm quadrants

Your kids bored of bathing and showering? Is this time of the day a chore for you and them? Take them back to prehistoric times with the ‘Insignia Jurassic’ era. Avoid the dangerous clutches of Tyrone the tyrannosaurus rex, helping your other dinosaur friends along the way. Jump on the back of Dippy the lovable diplodocus and scour the exotic environment. Enjoy the iridescent colours in the sky, changing from blue, to yellow, even red. Take refuge in the safety of the luxurious waterfall from above, cleansing you of your odour, making you much harder to track and keeping you in safety. Let Terry the pterodactyl scan ahead for your safe path, looking intensely for Tyrone’s path of destruction. Let Vinnie the Velociraptor guide you through the prehistoric world, taking in all the visual splendour your child’s imagination has to offer. Create the perfect atmosphere for your child with your own musical playlist you’ve made for their little adventure with Insignia’s Bluetooth control, even put in some dinosaur sound effects to help enhance their experience. Turn shower time from a chore into an exciting adventure. The battle will no longer be getting them into the shower… It’ll be getting them out.
When your kids grow up, the custom design is easily reversible, meaning you can restore it back to the mirrored finish in no time at all.
*Pricing is representative of the 800mm quadrant.
*RRP for the 900mm quadrant is £1,199.
*RRP for the 1000mm quadrant is £1,299.


  • Frame Colour: Chrome
  • Back Panel Design: Imaginative and fun shower theme
  • Glass Colour: Clear
  • Shape: Quadrant corner shower enclosure
  • Tray: Insignia's industry changing LeakFree tray design
  • Assembly: Fast assembly with Insignia's QuickClick build system
  • Customisation: Easily reversible design restoring the back panels to mirror when your kids grow up


  • Bluetooth connectivity from any smart device
  • Innovative ‘M’ touch control panel with media connections
  • Twin speaker system for optimal sound quality
  • Chromotherapy Internal Lighting – 7 colour spectrum, either fixed or scrolling


  • Monsoon overhead shower
  • Digital Hand Shower with temperature sensitive coloured LED lighting
  • Choice of Duck or Monkey design child friendly hand shower
  • 6 Body Jets 
  • Thermostatically controlled with Vernet technology
  • Recommended 2.5 BAR pressure minimum
  • Do NOT exceed 3.4 BAR pressure


  • EasyGlide Doors on rollers with Magnetic door seals
  • Tempered glass enclosure
  • Toughened glass shelf
  • Reinforced polymer tray
  • Ergonomically designed fold down seat
  • 2 year parts warranty upon registration
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