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Water Wizard is a simple, maintenance free, electronic water softener. Hard water consists of limescale which causes damage to water systems and appliances, such as your boiler, washing machine and shower. Installation is quick and easy, requiring no tools as all parts simply plug together. Water Wizard begins to work immediately after install and even assists in reducing previously built up limescale over time. As a maintenance free device, you don’t need salt or chemicals like some other water softeners, just install and let the Wizard do its thing.
Treats 5+ bedroom house - Recommended for steam showers/steam rooms when connected directly to water feed pipes
Easy to install
Assists in the prevention of new limescale
Helps reduce heating bills
Potentially removes existing limescale
Protects and extends the life of your household appliances
Cuts energy costs - ECOFRIENDLY
Guaranteed to work and last (see guarantees)
No plumbing or chemicals
Water remains potable so it can be used for drinking and cooking
Easy installation
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