MotorValve | Motorised Water Shut Off Valve

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Ever had a nagging feeling you didn’t turn off your water at home while you are on holiday? Had your house flooded before? Own a dishwasher, washing machine, shower or other that should have isolation taps fitted on install but you never got around to it? Yes we have all been there! Now with this ingenious little piece of equipment your worries are over. With a full house install as this product is capable of, you should never need to worry that your house can flood by a burst pipe or failed connection. Sleep easy at night because however forgetful we all can be, this beauty never forgets!

8 sensors supplied and placed in the locations of your choice are working day and night for you. Any one of these senses damp or a leak and it will send a command directly to its control base, in turn the base will turn off your water supply both hot and cold at the points you chose. How fast you ask? JUST ONE SECOND! Now that is fast. For ease of install, we suggest a full house (8) installation when carrying out a house restoration or new build as easier to place wired sensors through walls. Most certainly can still be achieved in other situations but you may want to consider for simplicity, isolating just upper or lower floors. Such is the versatility of this gem you can use any number of sensors from simply 1 through to a mega 8! Width of Valve pipe: 15mm | Width of Control Panel: 103mm | Depth of Control Panel: 60mm | Width of Water Shut off Valve: 79mm
12 month all parts warranty
12V Safe to use mains adaptor
2 Motorised valves - Fully closed in one second, fully open in one second
8 metre cable supplied to each sensor
Alarm is continuous
Computerised control panel
Easy LED lighting message confirmation
Fully automatic leak detection
Guard against up to 8 potential hot spot water leaks
Holiday setting
Next to no electrical consumption set at just 80mA working current
Press button on/off
Total protection against water leaks in your house all in one box
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