RGUM | RubberGum

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Insignia’s RubberGum provides you with an alternative solution to your standard silicone, as RubberGum specialises in fixing seals for shower cubicles, toilets and household items. This product has a number of great benefits for every task you have. Throughout the year you maybe need to come back to left over RubberGum, which isn’t a problem as it’s kept fresh within it’s greaseproof paper packaging.

Silicone takes a number of days to cure dependent on the temperature of the room, our product is fixed and ready to use after every application – Simple and easy. Lay down the RubberGum and mould it to any shape you require. It creates a tight strong seal with it’s molecular compound, not only that but it becomes stronger under pressure!

What is RubberGum?

RubberGum is a patented product by Insignia and it is a specialised fixing seal for any units or joints, whether it be for our shower cabins or sealing a toilet to the floor due to its clean and simple blu-tack form.

Ideal for:

  • Shower Cabins and Enclosures
  • Seals around toilets, urinals.
  • Work top seals to tiles
  • Vanity Units
  • Basin joints
  • Kitchen sink joints
  • Approx roll length 1680mm
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